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50 Awesome love quotes that I really like:

1. No one can change a person, but someone can be a persons reason to change.
2. People asked me if i missed you, I smiled and replied.. "Do you breathe?"
3. When you love someone you don't give up; if you do give up, you didn't love them enough.
4. It's better to love someone who's far and craves to be with you than to love someone who's near, yet doesn't even care to see you.
5. Memories are the most beautiful pictures our minds can paint, and nothing can ever erase them.
6. The foundation to a successful and an everlasting relationship begins by making your partner your best friend.
7. Trust the one who can see these 3 things in you: Sorrow behind your smile, Love behind your anger, and Meaning behind your silence.
8. A man who treats his girl like a princess was surely brought up by a queen!
9. I swear you work magic everyday. You always make me smile and feel like I am your world.
10. I want to be the girl you cant live with out, the girl that you want to hold hands with, the girl you love to kiss, the girl you LOVE!
11. You need to love in your life if  life doesn't make sense.
12. I don't want a perfect person, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well &loves being with me more than anything.
13. You're the beat to my heart. you're the bear to my hug, you're the kiss to my lips, you're the key to my heart. BUT MOST IMPORTANT YOU'RE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.
14. Don't settle for someone who buys you a coffee, but for someone who makes you one.
15. You know its true love when you are cuddling on the couch at a friends house watching TV and you both fall asleep.
16. Someone that tells you they care, holds you when you cry, listens when talk, and smiles when you smile, that is someone you can truly grow to love.
17. The heart craves what the brain denies.
18. I may be just an option to you, but I'm the preferred choice for someone else.
19. Being a parent means you sacrifice your needs no matter what for your child, expecting nothing back in return. The best payback is a thank you and I love you.
20. She was looking for love; He was looking for fun... I guess it seems that boys and mascara always seem to run.
21. Life doesn't come with guarantees, so live, laugh, love & be happy... that's all that should matter! In the end, sweating the small stuff won't matter
22. Thank you for giving me all the things that make my life happy - your trust, your tenderness, your understanding and most of all, your love.
23. You can say you love someone, but are you brave enough to act on it?
24. The worst kind of love is loving someone and knowing that you will probably never get to be with them.
25. Of all the thing's I've started, loving you is the one that I'd never want to finish.
26. A man will love a woman for who she is. A boy will love a girl for what she looks like.
27. The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way.
28. I'm the girl that always has her phone in her hands, headphones in her ears and that one guy on her mind.
29. When you miss someone so much you can't even think of anything else.
30. Sometimes you end up losing yourself trying to hold onto someone who never cared about losing you.
31. When you look at you're ex and wonder if you were drunk through the whole relationship.
32. He's not perfect, but neither am I, he makes me laugh, he makes me cry, I love him with everything that I am...I have the perfect imperfect  man.
33. Love is not about finding the right person but creating a right relationship
34. Realize things before it's too late. Love people before You lose them. Life comes just once....Love it while You live it..
35. Don't ever change yourself for someone, if they don't appreciate the way you are, find someone who will.
36. The most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.
37. I want our story to start with "Once upon a time" and end with a "Happily ever after"
38. In our life,we dont need to explain how much we love a person. It depends on them, how they appreciate the efforts that we do for them to be contented.
39. The only wrong thing would be to deny what your heart truly feels.
40. You know what’s good about a dream? You can be with people who are impossible to be with in reality.
41. TRUE LOVE is when you're doing things you would never normally do for that special someone & you never even noticed yourself changing for that especial one.
42. You know you're in love when you want to tell everyone about it, even if they haven't asked.
43. The mind sets limits, the heart breaks them!
44. I don't want a person to complete me. Just a person to let me be completely me.
45. Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything.
46. Don't make someone your everything because when they're gone, you're left with nothing.
47. The best way to appreciate something is to be without it for awhile.
48. When someone special walks in your life and is able to change things for the better, you don't want them to walk away.
49. We might fight today, smile later, argue tomorrow laugh soon. We have our ups and downs, we go through a lot everyday...but at the end we're always together!
50. If you're locked inside a dark room filled with blood, don't be scared coz that's my heart where you belong.

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